The manufacturing division is located in the town of Amatitlán, department of Guatemala, about 25 km from the capital city.

The plant is subdivided into several sectors, such as:

  • Manufacturing Buildings: 15,730 m2
  • Material Storage Areas: 2,400 m2
  • Warehouse and Mechanical Areas: 4,210 m2
  • Administrative areas: 2,438 m2
  • Total covered area: 24,778 m2

(Does not include the shunting yard areas, parking areas and reserves, which have a total area of 33.106 m2. of land).


Total area: 57.883 m2

The installed capacity of the division is: 800 tons per month.


There are a total of 220 employees in the manufacturing area and 25 people in the technical area, supervision and administration.

ELECTRICITY: The division has 2 sub-stations with a capacity of producing 1000 kva – 13200 volt and 480 volt primary circuit in the secondary circuit to 750 amps each.


We apply Quality Assurance methods for our welding following AWS certified procedures. Non-destructive testing (X-ray, UT and penetrating liquids).