Among the main functions of this department are the budgeting, planning, monitoring and execution of industrial works, and hangars, concrete constructions, prefabricated concrete and metal structures of various levels. Our team has professional and technical staff with more than 25 years experience in the execution and planning of projects.


The services performed by this department are:


      1. Urbanization

        1. Construction of sanitary drainage systems, stormwater and industrial drainage
        2. Construction of drinking water system
        3. Construction of absorption wells
        4. Construction of septic tanks
        5. Gardening
        6. Environmental Protection and Mitigation Works
        7. Topographical control of projects


      1. Land movements

        1. Cutting and leveling of land
        2. Conformation of platforms
        3. Structural Excavation for Foundations
        4. Rainwater collection systems
        5. River dredging


      1. Foundations

        1. Foundations of reinforced concrete
        2. Foundations
        3. Reinforced concrete piles
        4. Reinforced concrete connecting beams
        5. Application of grout
        6. Perforation, epoxy bolt anchors


      1. Walls of enclosure

        1. Reinforced masonry perimeter walls from 1.00 to 7.00m in height
        2. Prefabricated Tilt-up walls


      1. Floors for industrial buildings

        1. Concrete floors for industrial buildings
        2. Cutting and seal construction joints with rigid and semi-rigid seals


      1. Industrial finishing

        1. Construction of sanitary means
        2. Waterproofing of walls
        3. Slabs
        4. Traditional repellent and sifting application
        5. Interior and exterior wall painting
        6. Supply and placement of gypsum board
        7. Supply and installation of floors and tiles
        8. Supply and installation of sanitary fixtures


      1. Electrical installations

        1. Industrial boards
        2. Lighting installations, strength, special installations


    1. Retaining walls

      1. Reinforced concrete
      2. Gabion systems
      3. Segmented walls reinforced with geo meshes
      4. Reinforced masonry walls with buttresses